Non O Ring vs. O Ring Chain: How To Choose the Proper Chain for your Bike and ATV

November 30, 2023

Chain drive systems have been transferring power to the rear of motorcycles or ATV. The common motorcycle chain type are Non O ring,O-ring and X Ring.Today we take a look at the components of Non O ring chain and O ring chain and analyze advantages their advantages. This may help you in choosing the best motorcycle chains so you have to pay attention.

Non O Ring Chain

Non o ring motorcycle chain,commonly known as a standard chain,it includes rollers, plates, and pins, inner and outer links. There is no a ring in between the outer and inner side plate of the chain.

O Ring Chain

O ring chain is called such because it has rubber o-rings between each link, so it helps keep oil in and dirt out. Rubber O-rings are an addition that differentiates the two chains.

X Ring Chain

The difference between the O-ring and X-ring chain is the style of seals in each link.An O-ring seal looks circular, like an "O" while the X-ring chain uses a seal that resembles an "X." Since x ring chain has only been around for about 10 years while O-ring chain has been over 50 years,so o ring chain is a popular choice for off-road riders.



Types of Chains Non O Ring Chain O Ring Chain
Difference Lightweight, no rubber O-rings Heavier, include rubber O-rings
Cost Cheaper Expensive
Longevity Long Last Longer
Maintenance  Require regular oiling Without needing to be lubricated
Tensile strength At 8200 pounds At 9850 pounds


The Things To Know About Motorcycle Chains

•Chain Size

Generally speaking,the size of a motorcycle chain is are described as ‘pitch by length'.For example,520 x 112, means this chain has a pitch of 520 and 112 links long.

•Chain Pitch

It's exactly the distance between the chain pins. Nowadays,there are many different motorcycle chain pitches but popular used are 428 chain,520 chain,525 chain and 530 chain and 630 chain.

•Year,Make,Model of Bike and ATV

The most important point of choosing proper gold chains is the specific model of your machine. Although same model of a bike has different year needs different length.

Don't let chain maintenance slip past you, a broken chain will ruin anyone's riding day. When shopping for a chain, shop for the proper size for your machine and also to suit your riding style, your purpose and budget.With this guide, we are confident that you can narrow down your choices to picking the best. You just have to weigh the pros and cons of non o ring chain and o ring chain and you’re good to go.

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