How To Buy A Motorcycle Chain

December 8, 2023

What is a Motorcycle Chain?

A motorcycle chain is a metallic chain installed on motorcycles,which is used to retain power transmission.As time goes by,almost all motorcycle accessories and parts are aging or become defective or damaged,motorcycle chain is no exception.So it’s very vital to keep your chain are in good condition and have correct inspection,which could ensure your bike rides safely and steadily.

When You Need New Motorcycle Chain Replacement ?

The quickest way is to check for chain wear. As chains wear out they tend to stretch, eventually are the chain is out of alignment ( starting to skip over the teeth on the sprocket when under load ),instead of meshing with them as they should. Once this starts to happen,it is time for a chain replacement,otherwise it will damage your damage the teeth on your chain rings or sprocket.Also,you could use a chain measuring device to determine whether your chain is beginning to wear.

How To Buy A Motorcycle Chain

Before you choose a correct motorcycle chain for your bike,here are some things you should know.


It's exactly the distance between the chain pins.Nowadays,there are many different motorcycle chain pitches but popular used are 520 chain,525 chain and 530 chain.


Generally speaking,the size of a motorcycle chain is are described as ‘pitch by length'.For example,520 x 112, means this chain has a pitch of 520 and 112 links long.


•O ring chain or Non o ring chain

O ring chain is a specialized type of roller chain and it's o rings are existed between the inner and outer side plates of the motorcycle chain,which can create very little friction beside the inner side plate.Such function adds significant time to the chain's life and prolongs it.A well-maintained o ring chain will easily give you 12,000 to 18,000 miles.

Non o ring chain,as the name suggests,it doesn't have o rings and it need grease.They will not last long as compared to the o ring chain but are cheaper.

When you are considering to buy a chain for your motorcycle,you will ask how to know what size of your chain ? Don’t worry,most motorcycle chain brands stamp the size here, like the following picture.You just need to look on the side of some of the links.



Besides the pitch,size,the type of chain ,other specifications like tensile strength of the chain,the material of chain is made for and the color of chain you want to buy are also considerate.


Best Motorcycle Chain On Hexautoparts 

•Various Pitches and Color

We provide various pitches and links Motorcycle Chain for sale,from 520 motorcycle chain,525 motorcycle chain to 530 motorcycle chain.Also,gold motorcycle chain,red motorcycle chain ,blue motorcycle chain,black motorcycle chain ,green or yellow are available.You could chose the color which can match your bike perfectly.

•Master link included and Premium Quality

Every o ring chain or non o ring chain of hexautoparts includes motorcycle chain master link,so you don't need to buy extra it.Most motorcycle chain can afford tensile strength of 8200 pounds even 9850 pounds that can provide extra load carrying capability and deliver.Solid rollers and bushings provide great strength and durability under all riding condition.

•Multiple Options

Just need motorcycle chain master link only or motorcycle chain ? You could buy it separately.Need to replace motorcycle sprockets at the same time ? We also have many chain and sprocket kits for different bikes,like Yamaha r6 chain and sprocket kit ,gsxr 600 chain and sprocket kit and other chain and sprocket set for popular domestic and foreign makes and models.

•Free Shipping and Warranty Offered

We offer free shipping for each order of hexautoparts in the continental United States.If you do experience any issues with your motorcycle chain replacement,please do not hesitate to contact us,so we can help through the included Six Months Warranty for your products.

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