Guide to Choosing Motorcycle Sprockets

November 13, 2023

Need to choose new sprockets for your bike? Here's a comprehensive guide to choosing and changing the sprockets on a motorcycle.


What is a Drive Sprocket?

Sprockets are rotating parts with teeth that are used in conjunction with a chain to transmit power. In order for sprockets and chain to be compatible with each other they must both have the same thickness and pitch.In order for the sprockets and chain to work effectively, all of the sprockets should be on parallel shafts with their corresponding teeth on the same plane.


Parts of a Sprocket

Each sprocket has a number of differing characteristics, which includes the following:

-Number of Teeth

The total number of teeth (projections) around the whole circumference of a sprocket.

-Pitch Diameter (PD)

An imaginary circle which is traced by the center of the chain pins when the sprocket rotates while meshed with a chain.


The amount of pitch diameter in inches per tooth. Gears with a larger pitch will have bigger teeth.


When to Replace Sprockets?

-Check how well the chain meshes with the sprocket teeth.

In a healthy chain and sprocket combo, the individual chain rollers align perfectly with the spaces between the sprocket teeth and fit down into those U-shaped grooves evenly.

-Look closely at the sprocket teeth to see if they have become sharp at the tips and/or slightly curled.

The teeth on a new sprocket are straight and have a flat or domed shape at the tip, If the teeth are sharp, the sprocket is worn.

If you’re replacing a motorcycle sprocket because one or both are worn, change both together as a set. Sprockets wear at more or less the same rate, so even if the rear (driven) sprocket looks worn while the front (drive) sprocket doesn’t, when one wears out, the other quickly follows.We also suggest replace both chain and sprockets together,because a worn chain on a new sprocket quickly wears out that sprocket.Good news that it’s often cheaper to buy complete chain and sprocket kits than it is to purchase each component separately.

Hexautoparts have steel aftermarket sprockets or chain and sprocket kit for sale,could offer you weight savings and longevity.

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Chain Sprocket Maintenance

Always ensure that your sprockets are in good condition, properly aligned and lubricant specifically designed for your chain.

Don't let chain maintenance slip past you, a broken chain will ruin anyone's riding day. Stay on top of your lubrication and cleaning practices.

Replaces chain immediately if it comes in contact with the battery acid.

Clean your chain if it comes in contact with salt water or rock salt and lubricate it after cleaning. Do not use harsh solvents or chemicals such as Benzene to clean your chain. We recommend lubricating your chain at every 300-350 miles with a lubricant specifically designed for your chain.

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