Why You Need Hub Centric Wheel Spacers?

December 1, 2023

Recently,we received a hubcentric wheel spacers review from our customer,he said“These Hubcentric Wheel Spacers work perfect on my 2003 Dodge Ram.They made the stance look exactly how I wanted it to. 2" was perfect on the stock 20's with 33" aggressive (ish) all seasons. Haven't driven at high speeds yet but am hoping since they're hub centric there's no vibration or wobble. Check the 2 inch spacers before and after photos.”

Have you notice the difference from before and after 2 inch wheel spacers? More and more drivers prefer to 2 inch hub centric wheel spacers for trucks rather than lug centric wheel spacers.Do you know why? You can find the answer in this article.

What Are Hubcentric Wheel Spacers?

Hub centric wheel spacers mean wheel spacers with small rings of metal made with specific diameters to fit the wheel hub, transforming a lug-centric wheel into a hub-centric one. They are designed to make a snug connection between wheel and axle hub, making sure the hub carries the weight of the car instead of the studs or bolts. This allows the wheels are truly central to the vehicle hub, meaning no high-speed vibrations through the wheels. Also,hubcentric wheel spacers also reduce the stress on the wheel studs or bolts, improving service life range.

Hub Centric Wheels vs. Lug Centric Wheels

Advantages of Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

Coming back now to the wheel spacers review I mentioned before, 2 inch hub centric wheel spacers for dodge ram 1500 are used for various reasons.

-Reduce fender gap by adding a wheel spacer between the hub and wheel mounting pad

-Improve clearance on lifted trucks by increasing the offset / wheel spacer thickness

-Wheel Adapters offer the ability to install wheels with bolt patterns different from the vehicle hub

Compared to hub centric spacers,hub centric adapters are ideal for changing bolt pattern. As for difference between car wheel spacers and wheel adapters,you can read Wheel Spacers VS. Wheel Adapters to know more.

For your life safety and driving experience,purchasing good quality wheel spacers from good wheel spacer brands is trustable and cost-effective.You can shop Hexautoparts hubcentric wheel spacers confidently.

Reasons To Choose Hexautoparts Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

-Raw Material

Our Wheel Spacers Adapters are made of 6061-T6 Aluminum, which has excellent corrosion resistance and workability. Aluminum wheel spacers will ensure the highest level of performance and durability.

-CNC Machined

By using CNC machine, identical parts can made with the highest accuracy levels. The process is much more precise than manual machining. It ensures the precision and quality of the products.

-Anodized Surface

Anodizing not only gives the surface a more appealing look with multicolor effects, but also helps to ensure that the metal would have better resistance against corrosion and wear.

-Grade 10.9 Bolts

Our wheel spacers come with 10.9 grade bolts instead of others class 8.8, not easy to break/crack or rustproof.

To run longer,finding the best wheel spacers or best wheel adapters on Hexautoparts.com.We shall be looking for more and more good wheel spacers reviews.You can post on our Facebook Page or Trustpilot.com.Once we adopted,you will gain $5 cash code for any orders. Join us!


-Please make sure that you have bought the compatible wheel spacers for your vehicle before installing the wheel spacers.

-Professional installation is recommended

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