Why Our New AC Compressors Beat the Competition!

December 7, 2023

We carry extensive AC cataloge including brand new aftermarket ac compressors and ac clutch repair kit for most mainstream vehicles, like Jeep Liberty AC Compressor, Honda Civic AC Compressor, Nissan Altima AC Compressor and more make models.

There are many cheap ac compressors for sale on Ebay, which price is under $100. When you read details, you may be able to find most of them provide only 90-day warranty. So if it’s beyond this period, the best way to protect yourself is to open a request or dispute case.In fact, these remanufactured ac compressors unfortunately don’t have good reputation, because they are pulled from junkyard vehicles,cleaned up,tested and then shipped to customers.

Our Competitive Advantages:

-Brand new OE replacement

All our compressors are brand new, nothing is remanufactured. Each compressor includes new body, new ac clutch, new pulley and new coil.

-100% Guaranteed Fit

With thousands of applications, Hex Auto Parts has you covered when it comes to your car, truck, or SUV. Add your car (year/make/model) to Contact us to confirm. Our professionals staff are here and ready to help!

-Built to strict quality control standards

All internals are cleaned, inspected and re-machined or replaced as needed.Any bearings showing any amount of wear are replaced with new quality items.

-Loaded with PAG oil

All ac compressors on Hexautoparts are loaded with PAG oil to prevent rust of internal components, oxidization, and ensure proper lubrication. And the type of oil is PAG46 and it’s about 8 oz. So when you use it the first time, there is no need to add any oil.

-Tested for noise, vibration, durability, vacuum decay, and pressure decay to ensure no leaks and longer life

Once all internal parts are verified to be in good shape, we’ll reassemble the compressor with all new seals and gaskets and fill it with oil for testing purposes, as well as to protect ac compressor well during shipping. After this is complete, we will test the ac compressor to check for leaks and ensure clutch engagement and pressure output are the same as a brand-new OEM part.

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Because of our competitive advantages in the market, you can trust air conditioner compressor from HexAutoParts. All our aftermarket ac compressor replacement are backed by the six-month warranty. If you couldn’t find correct part listed on our website, contact HexAutoParts and we can locate it for you. We are here and give you best service as always!

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