How To Install An AC Compressor

November 30, 2023

What Does an AC Compressor Do?

The AC compressor serves the purpose of converting the low-pressure refrigerant into a high-pressure refrigerant and sends it to the condenser. It is the central component that maintains the pressure difference between the high-and low-pressure sides of the AC mechanism. Proper lubrication is essential to prevent the compressor from premature wear. A bad compressor, of course, will not send the refrigerant under the required pressure, thereby failing to provide optimal cooling to the vehicle.


When Do We Need To Replace AC Compressor With Clutch?

When these symptoms related to compressor failure are found,replace your vehicle with Hexautoparts A/C compressor.

-Not Cool Enough


-Poor Hear Dissipation

-Oil Consumpution

-Assembly Failure

While these may seem like a death sentence,especially in the height of summer. Replacing AC compressors isn't the most complicated task. We break it down for you here.


How To Install An AC Compressor

Step 1: First,remove the faulty compressor.Transfer any switches, sensors, brackets, or manifolds from the original compressor to the replacement unit.

Step 2: Install the compressor fixed screw.Install and tighten the compressor fixing bolts.

Step 3: Connect the compressor harness connector.

Step 4: Add the appropriate type and quantity of ac oil as required by the manufacturer.

Step 5: After installing a new compressor,make sure the belt is properly installed and aligned.

Step 6: Apply vacuum to the automotive AC system to ensure moisture and residual flushed solids or boil from the system.

Step 7: After the installation is completed,please test it to make sure it is normal before using.



-Always wear safety glasses and latex gloves before you get started installing new ac compressor.

-Please make sure ac compressor installation site is clean. Or, it will cause operating obstruction, even make the temperature of the compressor very high, and the belt on the clutch may melt.

-Because our ac compressor is with oil when sent to you, so there is no need to add oil when you use it the first time. But you need to add the refrigerant, please add them to 70-80%, don't need to fill up. There may be noise if the refrigerant is added too much.

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