What Do Wheel Spacers Do?

December 8, 2023


Wheel spacers are used for creating a space for wheels when cornering.Most of them are made up of aluminum and very strong to be safe(More details you could visit Are Wheel Spacers Good or Bad For Your Car .Installing wheel spacers can provide clearance for wider tires and allow the installation of aftermarket big brake kits as well as wheels with a different bolt pattern.


Why Use Wheel Spacers?

Installing high quality aluminum wheel spacers not only brings the a visual change but also more comfortable driving experience. 
-Making your cars looks more aggressive or manly 
Here is a picture we received from our repeat customer-which can show clearly that wheels put outside after installing ford black wheel spacers then give his ford a new look. 

-Having Better Stance 

Wheel spacers are used for spacing wheels and it can allow large tires and wheels with a different bolt pattern to be mounted.  


-Eliminating Wheel/Tire Rubbing Instantly 

If you experience new rims hit the control arms or suspension,you could install wheel spacers to fix the problem.After installing the correct wheel spacers,the rubbing will be eliminated instantly. 
The installation of wheel spacers is not complicate,it's same as changing a tire,generally speaking,it only need 1-2 hours to complete.If you don't know how to install wheel spacers,we offer How To Install Auto Hubcentric Wheel Spacers Technical Help.Don't hesitate to shop Hexautoparts to get high quality aluminum wheel spacers and enhance your car's handling.


Here is a quick list of all our wheel spacers:

Car Wheel Spacers:

5 lug Wheel Spacers

6 lug Wheel Spacers

8 lug Wheel Spacers

Hub Centric Spacers

Wheel Adapters

ATV Wheel Spacers :

1 inch Wheel Spacers

1.25 inch Wheel Spacers

1.5 inch Wheel Spacers

2 inch Wheel Spacers

2.5 inch Wheel Spacers

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