Fast and Easy AC Repairs:How to Replace 2006 2007 2008 Jeep Liberty AC Clutch Replacement

December 7, 2023

If you have a noisy/bad a/c compressor clutch, do you replace jeep liberty ac clutch or entire compressor? In some ways,it’s completely your choice.The average cost for a brand new AC Compressor Replacement is between $720 and $950 but can vary from car to car. While ac clutch replacement cost is much cheaper.So it is worth trying to replace jeep liberty ac clutch only.Some drivers said replace ac clutch is complicated and time-consuming because it includes ac clutch bearing and ac compressor clutch coil.Today we will share jeep liberty owners a quick easy way to get your A/C back up .

Here are step by step instructions:


Jeep Liberty AC Clutch Removal:

1)Prepare some installation tools including bench,hammer,wrench,socket and screwdriver

2)Disconnect your negative battery cable to prevent some accidents

3)Remove the mounting bolts then you can move ac compressor down a little bit to create more space

4)Use screwdriver and ratchet loose clutch plate and slide this off

5)Move snap ring tightly

6)Pull on pulley rotate

7)Remove the clutch coil,slide the clutch coil off of the compressor hub


Install New AC Clutch Assembly:

1)Install the clutch coil and snap ring

2)Install pulley and make sure it's goes in all the way and seated properly

3)Put c-clip in and use screwdriver to tap this end the rest of the way to get more swing room

4)Install new clicks make sure none of those spacers fall out as you are going to put this back in

5)Check the space between your clutch and pulley

6)Put small washers shims go behind new hub and tight them up

7)Check the air gap with a feeler gauge

8)Tighten bolts throw in our separate belt and test our ac compressor

The whole job took about 1-2 hours and really wasn't hard at all.Other years of Jeep Liberty AC Clutch Replacing Process should be similar,it also works for some Jeep Cherokee or Chrysler Vehicles.Hope this blog helps you out a bit. This is a super easy job and may get your A/C back up without spending much money on labor cost. Hexautoparts has jeep liberty ac clutch assembly for sale, includes a new Front plate, coil and pulley for easy installation.No core charge, it helps save your ac clutch replacement cost and effort.Try Hexautoparts,keep your Jeep Cool Inside and under the hood.

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