ATV/UTV CV Axle Shaft Issue You Need To Know - When Need to Replace Front/Rear Axle Shaft

December 7, 2023

The ATV and UTV become more popular vehicles in the USA recently, you can drive it on the field, trail, rock and mud to enjoy the fun, it’s really exciting sport. While, most of ATV parts are easier broken than the street car, such as Axle Shaft is the most common issues for the UTV/ATV driver.The Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger as the most popular off-road vehicle, made to carry multiple people off the trail.Their are 4X4 vehicles, and they have an independent suspension with four individual axles. Do you want to know what's polaris ranger axle problems or when you need to replace Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger CV Axle Shaft?

When a drive axle fails completely, it can leave you deadlocked in the streets. Knowing about the problems and symptoms of drive axles can be helpful if you run into any issues or find any indications of failure. 

CV axles will fail for many reasons, one being wear and tear. If you have a 1995 Honda Rancher and you’ve never done anything to it then don't be surprised if things start failing. Not needing to work on your ATV doesn't mean it doesn't need maintenance. CV axles will also fail due to torn boots allowing mud, sand, water and any other foreign particles inside where they’re ground up at each rotation. 


Signs of a Damaged CV Axle Shaft You Need To Know


1.Grease filled around the CV joint can seep out of them when the rubber boots are cracked or broken. Over time, the grease can spread out to the area inside the wheel rim.

2. You need pay more attention on clunking sound.When you put your car in gear you will likely hear a sudden sputtering or clunking noise as the vehicle struggles to get power in order to move forward if your axle is damaged or in need of some sort of repair. This is because the transmission won't be able to properly transfer engine power through the drive line to the axles to wheels.

3. A humming or growling noise is emitted due to a lack of lubrication in the CV joint. A steady knocking while driving at low speeds is also an indication of a bad CV joint.

4.If your vehicle will not move, it may be some axle trouble.This is likely because the axle has snapped at the universal joint. When you hit the gas your engine will only rev and you will not move forward.

5.When your vehicle shudders while accelerating, it indicates a fault in the inner CV joints.



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