Alternator Installation & Maintenance Tips

June 27, 2024

An alternator is a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. Knowing how to install an alternator can save your much replacing alternator cost. This blog provide some useful alternator installation & maintenance tips.

When Does An Alternator Need To Be Replaced ?

-Lights dim

-Battery Damaged

-Belt/ Chain Kit With Burning Rubber Smell

-Rubber Smell

-Abnormal noise


How To Install an Alternator?

Step 1 : Disconnect the Battery

Turn off the ignition switch and all electrical equipment, locate the battery and disconnect the battery cable. Remove the intake hose, mass air flow sensor and air filter.

Step 2 : Remove the Belt From the Pulley

A serpentine belt tool is required to remove the belt from the alternator pulley. Be careful in this step, otherwise the belt may be damaged.

Step 3 : Remove The bolts

Prepare the sleeve and ratchet wheel, and remove the bolts,about 2-4. At the same time, mark the position to facilitate the installation of the new alternator.

Step 4 : Install New Alternator 

Find the correct position, install the new alternator, fix the bolts,install the belt, air hose, mass air flow sensor, air filter and battery negative cable.


Alternator Maintenance Tips

1. Keep dryness

Test the insulation degree every 3-6 months.

2. Check electrical connections

Regular check on the alternator and at the battery.

3. Check belt tension

If the alternator is loose,it will be subjected to jarring and vibration.

4. Make sure the battery terminal clamps

Make sure the connections at those points are clean and tight as well.


Why Choose Hexautoparts Alternator?

Hexautoparts makes alternators that work better in the high-heat environments of engines.

-Solve the Problem of Insufficient Vehicle Power and Limp

-Solve the Problem of Generating Electricity

-Solve the Abnormal Belt Running-in

-Solve Charging Failure

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