What Is A Timing Chain Kit

November 15, 2023

The timing chain is an important part of the engine valve system, is located in the front of the motor and is attached to a set of gears and pulleys that power multiple mechanical components, including the crankshaft and camshaft. In order for your engine to fire, the timing chain must smoothly rotate around the gears without hesitation.


Replace Your Bad Timing Chain Kit On Time

Though the timing chain consist of premium metal, it is subject to wear and tear and may break. Meanwhile,the factory timing components including the VVT Cam Phasers, timing chains, timing chain guides, or timing chain tensioners can fail overtime. These failures often lead to excessive noise from the engine, a check engine light (CEL), decreased fuel economy, and decreased power. Since the timing chain can go bad and will need to be replaced, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms so you can have it repaired before it fails completely.


Common Symptoms of a Bad Timing Chain:

Engine misfires or runs poorly

Metal shavings found in the oil

Engine won't start or fails

Check Engine Light is on

Engine rattles while idling

The most common issue with timing chains is that they “stretch” over time. What causes the chain to gain some slack are worn out pivot pins, sprockets, and guides that can cause the links to move apart. This is likely a result of waiting too long between oil changes or contamination due to a faulty oil filter.



Hex Auto Parts timing Chain Kits

Hex Auto Parts aftermarket timing chain kits include all components for a quick and efficient replacement. Most of our timing chain kit includes timing chain replacements, sprockets, tensioners, and other bits and pieces to help make sure your engine runs well.

Timing Chain: Chain with high quality alloy steel and with chain mark.

Tensioner: Tensioner manufactured with reliable damping behavior.

Guide Rail: Guide rail made of material with optimized surface structure.

Cam Sprocket/Crank Sprocket: Sprocket with a accurate design for chain load reduction.


Each part is manufactured using premium materials. Recommended that the chain tensioners, sprockets, and guides also be replaced when the chain is replaced, as these components play a vital role in system stability and accurate timing. Be sure to use our aftermarket timing chain replacement kit when your timing chain is serviced for the best performance.Check out our timing chain kits today to keep your engine at peak performance with less timing chain kit replacement cost!

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