How To Change the Brake Pads and Rotors in Your Car?

December 8, 2023

Most modern passenger vehicles use disc brake systems on all four wheels. Brake rotors are the final part of the braking system, and use friction created by the brake pads to slow or stop the vehicle. How is Brake Pads and Rotors replaced? This is not a difficult project, the average DIYer can tackle this on a weekend with a basic knowledge of the disc brake system, and a few basic tools. Here, this article share the information of how to change the Brake Pad and Rotors. If you want to buy cheap brake pads, HexAutoParts offer 10% discount for all of pads.

How Long Do Brake Pads need be replaced?

Front brakes typically don't last as long as rear brake because they take most of the job of stopping the car. Depending on driving habits and the design of the car front brake should last between 20,000 and 35,000 miles. The manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule for each vehicle may be different, and the owner's manual will contain this information.

What is the average cost to replace brakes and rotors?

With brake pads, ceramic tends to be the best, as they give the best brake feel and the longest protection against brake fade, although dust may accumulate on your wheel a bit more than conventional pads. You can look for pads for your car here.

Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Process:

There should be 2 12mm or 14mm bolts on the caliper. Remove them and the caliper should be able to slide out. If the caliper doesn't slide out easily, use a pry bar or flat head screwdriver and pry it out. Rest the caliper on the suspension, or use zip-ties or a bungee to secure it to a place where it can't hang. Don't put any strain on the brake line.When you remove the caliper, secure it to the car with a cord or small rope. Do not allow the caliper to hang from the brake hose because it can break easily from the weight.

  • Removing a caliper mount

If necessary, loosen and remove the caliper mounting bracket bolts. In some vehicles, the brackets that the caliper was secured to can prevent removal of the rotor. Some caliper mounting bolts cannot be reused; if this is the case with your car, reinstall the brake rotors using new bolts. A vehicle maintenance manual will inform you if your vehicle mounting bolts can be reused.

  • Removing the brake rotor

However, if the rotor hasn't been replaced in a long time, it may be stuck by corrosion, dirt and rust to the wheel hub and be difficult to remove. You may need to tap it with a hammer and a wooden block to loosen it. Holding a block of wood against the rotor and hitting the wood, do not strike the rotor directly. Penetrating oil is helpful for loosening the corrosion and rust

Before installing the new rotor, use a wirebrush and take off the rust on the hub, to prevent corrosion in the future. Or, you can use a special brake cleaner solvent and a clean dry cloth to wipe any type of residue off the new rotor. Then, put your new rotor on over the wheel hub.

  • Setting the brake pads

Install the new brake pads in the caliper and use a little bit of anti-squeal grease on the outside of the pad to ensure smooth operation. Install the caliper bolts and ensure that the caliper moves without binding. Tighten the bolts and double check your work.

The caliper pins should slide easily through the boot. If you can't move them with your hands, remove them and clean them with fine steel wool to remove any gum, grease and reinsert them. If they still don't move easily buy new pins. The result of sticky pins could be your pads ride on the rotor, ruining all of your new parts or cause a tire fire.

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