Kevlar V Belts vs. Standard V Belts

December 1, 2023

Are Kevlar mower belts better than standard v belts? This is the #1 most asked question that we receive from our customers. Today,we will compare and analysis these two types lawn mower belts,to have a further understanding, which better or to choose their own.

What is Kevlar Belt?

Standard v belts uses polyester cords and rubber wrap,while kevlar v belt use kevlar cords and special dry wrap. Kevlar belt has a higher tensile strength rating over standard v belt.When these belts endure higher shock loads over longer periods of time,Kevlar help cut stretch. The Benefits of the Kevlar V Belts are mainly featured in following aspects.

-Excellent performance for drives having clutching applications and backside idler drives

-Provides reduced slippage while clutching

-Can withstand high levels of reverse flexing & twisting

-High resistance to larger shock loads (High tensile strength)

-Kevlar belts are great for the lawn mower and snow blower applications

-Superior resistance to oil, heat, cracking, ozone sunlight and weather

Is Aramid the same as Kevlar?

Yes. Aramid is the generic term used to describe a synthetic fiber or polymer that offers high strength. Kevlar is a trademark for an aramid fiber. So you will find aramid belt when shopping for Kevlar belts,don't be surprised,they are the same.


Mower Belt
Mower Belt Type Standard V Belts Kevlar V Belts
Mower Belt Material  Polyester cords Kevlar cords
Heat Resistant
Oil Resistant
Anti-Static ×
Shock Load Resistant ×
Clutching Applications ×
Backside Idlers ×
Reverse Bending ×
Price  $ $$



From the above table of Kevlar vs standard v belts, we can know that kevlar belts will hold up better in high shock load drives that have frequent starting/stopping and multiple directional changes. Standard belts are best suited for smooth operating drives with consistent speeds and low loads. As long as you find your mower is experiencing a broken or worn drive belt, whatever standard belt or kevlar belt,replace a new premium mower belt as soon as you can. Hexautoparts has plenty of mower belts for sale at affordable price. All mower belts orders are free shipping. Order now and with our mower belt replacement,the grass is greener.

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