Car Window Tint Guidelines

November 30, 2023

What is Window Film?

Window film is a self-adhesive polyester film that is applied to glass surfaces. It is used as a "retrofit" application for existing glass on automobiles, homes and commercial buildings in order to upgrade solar control, safety and appearance.


What Are The Advantages of Window Film For Car?

-Improves comfort by reducing heat

-Non-metalized construction eliminates signal interference

-Improves personal safety and protect against skin cancer by blocking 96- 99% of UVA & UVB rays

-Reduces glare and fading of vehicle’s interior

-Keep your privacy


What is Visible Light Transmission (VLT)?

Visual light transmission, or VLT, is the amount of visible light that passes through a lens. For instance, a lens with a VLT of 5% allows 5% of light to shine through and blocks 95% of it. The VLT of window film is a crucial part in determining how much heat protection, UV protection and security protection you will get. VLT is calculated on the percentage of light that penetrates through tinted glass.

5% VLT: Super Dark, Limo Style

15% VLT: Dark

20% VLT: Dark, Factory tint Style

35% VLT: Moderate

How To Install Car Window Tint?

1.Clean your target windows.

2.Cut the window tint film roll on a cleaned work area, unroll the film with the liner side facing up.Mark and cut the film 1 inch wider and 1 inch longer than the window you plan to cover.

3.Use a baking gun or a hair dryer to heat the film if there is radian on window glass.If the glass is flat without radian,skip the step.

4.Remove the clear backing sheet from film and use your spray bottle to cover the entire surface of the film and the window glass with soapy water.

5.Pick up your film and apply to your window.

6.Use the plastic card squeegee to push bubbles and excess moisture out.

7.Use a utility knife to trim the excess film along the glass edges.

8.Keep the window closed,the film should be kept about 12 hours under the condition of without any external force to ensure the sticker can be completely stuck to window.


Why Choose Window Tint Film Roll on Hexautoparts?

Choose Your Shade : Different Visible Light Transmission ( VLT ) Options: Window Tint 5 VS 15 VS 20 VS 35


Different Size: Hex Auto Parts has window tint film for sale,Here are all window tint size we have:

20"x10FT Window Tint Film Roll

20"x100FT Window Tint Film Roll

40"x100FT Window Tint Film Roll

Great Performance : You can count on us to shield against the powerful sun.

Keep Cool In Summer And Retain Heat In Winter

UV Blocking Protection

2 Ply Layer

Easy To Install


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