2006-2010 Honda Civic Engine Motor Mount Kit 1.8L Auto Trans 4pcs


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    2006-2010 Honda Civic Engine Motor Mount Kit 1.8L Auto Trans 4pcs

    97.14 68.00
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    Unit Type: Engine Transmission Mount Kit

    Material: Rubber

    Color: Black

    Quantity : 4pcs

    Package Include : 1x Motor Mount,2x Torque Strut Mounts,1x Transmission Mount

    What is the Engine Mount?

    Engine motor mount is used to install the engine on the frame,isolate engine and transmission from the chassis so vibrations and noise are not transmitted to the rest of the vehicle.If you are experiencing common symptoms of a failed engine mount such as hearing clunks,weird noises and feel like the engine is bouncing during stops, sudden acceleration or even tight turns then the engine and transmission mounts may likely be the culprit.It is advisable to replace with the whole engine motor mount kit to maintance balance and weight distribution.


    • Brand new 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 honda civic engine motor and transmission mounts
    • Replace your old or worn motor mounts with our engine motor mount kit to keep your engine in the proper position
    • Engine and transmission mounts can help protect your fan blades, hoses, driveshaft as well as help the rubber meet the load.


    2006-2010 Honda Civic 1.8L (Automatic Transmission)

    Part Number

    • 50820SVAA05 / A4530 / 9280 / EM-9280: Front Right Motor Mount
    • 50850SNAA82 / A4546, A4598 / 9216, 9397 / EM-9216, EM-9397: Transmission Mount
    • 50880SNAA81 / A4543 / 9213 / EM-9213: Front Upper Torque Strut Mount
    • 50890SNAA81 / A4534 / 9218 / EM-9218: Rear Lower Torque Strut Mount

    Package Include

    • 1X Front Right Motor Mount (A4530)
    • 1X Front Upper Torque Strut Mount (A4543)
    • 1X Rear Lower Torque Strut Mount (A4534)
    • 1X Transmission Mount (A4546)